Summer 2020 Fun Ideas!

Let’s face it… this summer is like no other.  We are home and our lives as we know them have changed.  No camp, less playdates and let’s not forget about our Sunday night ritual of pizza at our local joint. It’s just a different summer!   At Playhaus Designs we have felt so inspired by the families we work with that we wanted to share with you some amazing things they are doing to keep creative and the fun flowing in their homes…

  • Family Theme Days

Establish a calendar of a weekly theme day.  Pajama day, fancy dress up day, Disney Day and more!  Get creative and engage the entire family.  Even Fido can play along…

  • Summer Fridays

Pick a random Friday and announce to the house that we are calling it an early day!  Check out at lunch and enjoy the day.  Do something you normally couldn’t do because you were always stuck in the office.  Maybe a beach afternoon while it is quiet or a trip to a farm to go berry picking.

  • Dance Block Party

Pick a time and invite all your neighbors to their own front yard.  Turn on the car and turn up the tunes.  It’s time for the whole neighborhood to dance along while socially distancing.  This can be a “happy hour” or even a lunch time fiesta!

  • Scavenger Hunt

This can be a neighborhood scavenger hunt or a family hunt.  Looks for things around the house, in the backyard or down the street such as bugs, leaves or certain cars!


Take this time to make new memories and create new traditions!

Summer 2020 is already a legend and will go down in the history books J

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