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Kratki PATIO Horizontal Gas Heater – Manual Control + Free Decorative Stones



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The PATIO Horizontal is a stylish gas heater that provides warmth and light wherever we want to create a unique and cosy atmosphere. Its unique feature is the fire visible from four sides. This makes it a unique gas patio or garden lamp.

The modern PATIO look fits almost anywhere. The heater can be an elegant decoration on the home terrace or in the garden. It can also be used in the restaurant and hotel industry as an interesting complement to the dining and leisure space. The attractive appearance and the pleasant warmth coming from PATIO will make the gardens and terraces in houses and restaurants always full of guests on spring, summer and autumn evenings. A natural vision of the fire is ensured by using a modern ceramic burner.

PATIO does not emit any sound or smell. Its action also does not affect air circulation, which is particularly important for users who are allergic. The device can operate at full power, continuously up to 10 hours. The device is designed for 11 kg cylinders. The device is adapted to both propane-butane gas and pure propane. We recommend using cylinders with pure propane. PATIO does not require cleaning of the glass panes, as fire does not smoke them. Its start-up is very easy and intuitive to use.

The PATIO is powered by liquid gas from a cylinder. The lower part of the device casing is made of steel, covered with powder paint. This makes the PATIO resistant to damage. Tempered glass of 4 mm thickness is used in the device.

The lower chamber of the device is protected against opening by unauthorised persons thanks to a lock installed in the door.

In addition, it directs the heat generated in it evenly on four sides. The PATIO is equipped with a special anti-burn-out valve, which automatically cuts off the gas supply to the controller in case of the device tipping over, thus extinguishing the flame. The device does not depend on the electrical installation, so we can be sure that even in case of power failure it will illuminate the terrace or garden.

Thanks to the built-in controller, we can protect the device against unauthorised switching on by children or design its switching on or off at a specific time, a specific day. Additionally, the PATIO is equipped with a thermocouple sensor, which cuts off the gas supply to the burner if the control burner flame is blown out.

Output (kW) 17.5kW
Output Range (kW) 10.5 – 17.5kW
Fuel Type Propane – Butane
Material Type Steel / Glass
Colour Black
Height 56.9cm
Width 118.5cm
Depth 32.5cm


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