Mensa-Heating Replacement Grill

Mensa-Heating Replacement Grill

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Mensa-Heating Replacement Grill

Introducing the ultimate grill set replacement for all Mensa-Heating Patio Heaters, including popular models like IMUS, Vireoo Private & Pro, and Statio. This set includes 2 high-quality grill replacements designed to enhance your outdoor heating experience. Our top priority is safety, ensuring a worry-free environment for both children and pets. With advanced infrared technology, our heaters efficiently warm the surrounding area without the risk of overheating. Whether for your home or hospitality setting, our Mensa Heaters offer the perfect balance of comfort and peace of mind. Experience innovation and unparalleled performance with our exceptional outdoor heating solutions.

This is a replacement grill for all Mensa-Heating Patio Heaters including:

– Vireoo Private & Pro
– Statio

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